FRESHERS 2023/24


CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME! You’ve jumped through all those hoops and can now start on your new and exciting journey studying Medicine here in Liverpool!

We’re the LMSS, officially the oldest and largest medical student society in the UK. Founded in 1874, we have over 1,000 current members. We take care of all your social, academic, sporting, theatrical and welfare needs over your time studying Medicine at the University of Liverpool! We’ve changed a lot over the years to keep up with modern society’s demands and finally became an independent Registered Charity in 2016 (No. 1167764).

Three student officers head the society; the President, Secretary and Treasurer, with an elected committee of students to help run the society and all of our wonderful events. The society is also governed by a board of 14 trustees made up of former members, local doctors and experts in Medicine and law.

We’re here to make sure you have the most enjoyable time here in Liverpool, and we’ve put together a little information below that should help you out but please email us or use our socials to contact us if you’ve got any questions!

LMSS Calendar for 2023/24

Check out the official LMSS Calendar for 2023/24!

Be sure to save the dates so you can experience some of the best events of your university experience!


Firstly, make sure you join the 2023/24 1st Year Facebook Page

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Here you can meet some of your future course mates and LMSS officers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have so post or send a message and we’ll get back to you! No question is too silly! There is also a Facebook group chat, send us a message and we can add you to it.


Once you’re here, there will be a medical society freshers fair where you can get to know about us and all the other societies linked to Liverpool Medical School.

You’ll get all the info about this via email from the Med School nearer the time.

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You’ll get all the info about this via email from the med school nearer the time. You can find out more about the medical societies and sport teams here by clicking the buttons.


The LMSS committee is the set of students who run the society. Have a look here at the friendly faces who will be your committee for your first year here in Liverpool!


Coming to Uni is a daunting step to take. The LMSS and Medical chool are an important support network full of friendly, approachable and like-minded individuals.

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You’re never alone if you’re struggling with something whilst you’re here and we’re here to help you through it. No problem is too small, and there is no such thing as a silly question. Your Welfare & Diversity Secretary, Pooja Patel is your first port of call for anything you feel you need to talk about. She can put you in touch with university or medical school welfare services and is here to make sure you feel supported whilst you’re here, her e-mail is . We’ve also got a welfare section on our website, click here to have a look at the resources and contacts.

We hope that medical school is the best five years it can be, but remember these pastoral resources exist for a reason. Throw yourself into university life, safe in the knowledge that we have your back when you need it.


We hold lots of events throughout the year including dinners and balls. They’re the perfect way to celebrate and the perfect excuse to dress up and get a gram-worthy pic.


Established in 1962, Artefacts is the University of Liverpool Medical School’s Performing Arts Society. It is a separate society to the LMSS but we’ve been the best of friends for quite some time now.

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Whether it’s drama, dance, choir, band or set design you are interested in, they’re looking for talented people to join their family and help them prepare for the annual Variety Show, Carol Concert and the highly-anticipated musical. It is a fun and social way to meet medics from all year groups and in a different type of theatre…
Artefacts brings everyone together to let off some steam, from the barns of Footloose to the cellblocks of Chicago their sold-out shows are often the highlight of the medical school calendar attended by students and staff alike. With numerous socials throughout the year, you won’t regret swapping your sterile gloves for jazz hands and adding another highlight to your university experience.

Check out their Facebook page here


Take a look at our Sports Team Page for more details on the medics teams.

Don’t forget there are also university sports teams you can learn more about at the main university freshers fair.

Follow @liverpoolmedicssport on Insta for updates throughout the year!


Founded in 1937, Sphincter is the official magazine of the Liverpool Medical Students’ Society.

Follow @sphinctermagazine on Insta for more information!

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New issues are released every semester and we also produce a fresher guide which gives you a whole load more information about the LMSS, studying medicine and life in Liverpool in general!

Check it out on Facebook where you will find links to the latest issue!


We've put together a FAQs section on the website as we know many of you will have a lot of the same questions. Take a look at it here.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Drop us an e-mail using any of the emails below/the contact us tab or send us a message on any of our social media accounts (@LMSSOnline on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)